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Noé Archiviste is one of the protagonists of Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas.

Noé is a young, somewhat naive vampire who has left his isolated home for the first time to search for The Book of Vanitas at his teacher's request. After finding the Book in the human Vanitas's possession, he decides to accompany Vanitas on his mission to save vampirekind, largely due to his personal fascination with the man.

Noé is the narrator of The Case Study of Vanitas, and the story is presented as his memoir of the time he spent at Vanitas's side.


English Name(s)

Noé Archiviste

Japanese Name(s)

ノエ・アルシヴィスト(Noe Arushivisuto)

Gilbert [Alias]

ジルベール (Jirubeeru) [Alias]




September 282


19[citation needed]


187cm (~6'2'')[citation needed]

Home Dimension

Earth (Former)3

Altus (Former)[citation needed]


Fantasy Race



The Shapeless One (Former)


Life/Death Status



Partner to Vanitas

Odd jobs for Parisian shopkeepers4


Paris, France

Averoigne, Altus (Former)5

First Appearance

Mémoire 1


Noé is a tall, well built young man with dark brown skin and white hair. He has violet eyes with long lashes and large irises, very thin white eyebrows, and a small, pointed nose.

He usually wears a black button-up shirt, white pants, black knee-high boots, and black bow tie, often with a white double-breasted overcoat. He wears a light violet backless waistcoat under his coat, and he wears white gloves when he leaves home. He sometimes also wears a white top hat and/or black scarf. His top hat has two marks on its front left side that resemble buttons. There is a violet wrap above the brim, with a mirrored ornament affixed to the wrap via a small chain. The chain and frame of the ornament are gold, and the mirror is silver. His scarf is short, black, and appears to be fur. It fastens in the front with a violet pin.5

As a child, he often wore a white button-up shirt with black suspenders and a black bow tie. His bow tie had a large violet gem (or perhaps glass ornament?) in its center.5


Noé is, above all else, both extremely kind and extremely inexperienced.

When Noé sees someone suffering, his first instinct is always to try to help them.

He tends to be blunt and somewhat socially inept. He often doesn't pick up on what would be obvious boundaries for others unless told, sometimes invading others' personal space without realizing he's done so.5


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Family (Biological)


Family (Adoptive)

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