La Baleine

La Baleine is a location in Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. It is a large airship powered by astermite. Noé Archiviste takes it on his initial journey to Paris. It is also the place where he first meets Vanitas.





The interior of La Baleine is spacious and fine, its common areas often looking more like a park or a town square than the interior of a vessel. The cielings are generally high, and in the central atrium, they are several stories tall and almost entirely glass. The floor and walls are largely tile and masonry, with large metal beams running up the walls and cieling for support. It contains a large, open common area wherein news articles are posted on a bulletin board. The bulletin board is ornately decorated and topped with a large clock. Behind it are several archways and stairs leading to an area with trees. There is also a small café area with counter service and a set of small round tables.1

Somewhere inside La Baleine, there is a name plate that shows a decorative whale above a stained glass background.1


Noé Archiviste meets Amelia Ruth aboard La Baleine when she briefly faints in front of the news board.



  1. Mémoire 1: Vanitas

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