The Ninefold Murderer Incident

The Ninefold Murderer Incident is an event in Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. It refers to the series of murders carried out by the curse-bearing vampire Thomas Berneaux. Berneaux killed nine people in Paris before he was stopped, drawing the human public's attention to the continued existence of vampires.


Berneaux has nine confirmed victims, all of whom were human. He drained their bodies completely of blood, leaving distinctly vampiric bite marks on their necks. His ninth victim was discovered and publicized on or just before the day of Noé Archiviste's initial journey to Paris.1

The identities of his victims are unknown.


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Berneaux's murders caused some degree of alarm among the human residents of Paris, as many of them had previously believed that all vampires were annihilated during the human-vampire war, and Berneux's actions provided strong evidence to the contrary. Some even theorized that his murders were an act of vengeance on humanity from vampirekind.1 It is unclear whether this state of alarm continued after Berneaux's death, or if concerns about vampires were largely forgotten.

Although they did not succeed, the Catholic Church mobilized a force of Chasseurs in the attempt to find and kill The Ninefold Murderer.1


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